Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Boring plumbing and electrical things . . .

Not much has changed since my last post, but in every remodel, there are the details that one never sees, but will make a huge difference in the final product, such as plumbing and electricity. The rough-ins for both were completed yesterday, the inspector comes today, and the wood floors in the kitchen and drywall start after that. All I care about is decorating at this point, so all this stuff is boring to me. I keep saying to my contractor, 'Whatever you think is fine!' But I have to remember details I wished about in the old kitchen, like adding more outlets, and dimmer switches.

My most favorite thing so far has been picking out tile. I'm driving the tile guy crazy bacause I keep changing my mind, but we finally came to a decision based on my design skills and his expertise with glass tile. We decided to do white subway tile walls in the bathroom, with a mixed blue 1" glass tile boarder on the floor and top of the subway tile. The window in the kitchen will be gone, replaced with glass block and mosaic glass tile surrounding it and the backsplash around the sink and stove, with a stainless backsplash behind the stove and chimney style hood. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the boring stuff is almost over.

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