Saturday, October 27, 2007

To Anonymous

Here is a comment by a coward who won't say who they are:

"Oh my God. There is a place in hell for people like you. Why don't you buy a place that was built in the 1950's and make it retro? Why would you do that to that beautiful condo? You have now become the worst "previous owner" ever. Anyone who buys your condo after you will curse you over and over and over again."

I would just like to say I know I am 'horrible' for removing the hutch. It wasn't beautiful, it was falling apart. It would have cost about $5,000 to restore. And I would like to see you live with 2 cabinets in your tiny kitchen for 6 years. Also, why do you care what anyone else does to their place? If someone wants a hutch in thier place, they'll buy a place with one intact. They won't buy a place with a georgeous modern kitchen and then curse the previous owner over and over and over again. Plus, I plan on being here for a very long time, so just take your dumb opinion and go to hell where you belong.


Di said...

While I would kill to have a built-in buffet like you did, it is your home and you can do as you please. At least you didn't trash it. You took it to a salvage yard where someone could reuse it. And the work you have done is awesome. You haven't lost sight of the character of your house, and you're altering it to fit your lifestyle. Let's face it: we live differently now than people in the 1920s! Good for you for not being afraid to make your house your own.

Sandy said...

You are the one living there so you have to make it right for you. Don't listen to that anonymous twit (can I say twit?)!